Capillary Mounting Hardware
Mounting a Capillary Thermostat doesn’t need to be difficult. The first step is to make sure […]
Hvac system temperate control
Senasys manufacturers a large variety of temperature switches for HVAC systems: Bi-metal temperature switches Bulb and […]
351-254288, Capillary Thermostat
As an easy guide, here’s a simple capillary cross reference guide to help find the correct […]
Capillary Style Thermostat Switch
A Liquid expansion capillary thermostat uses expanding liquid to open or close contacts in response to […]
Capillary Switch Temperature Compensated
Whether using temperature, pressure, or current, the designation of ON RISE or ON FALL is very important. This […]
Refrigeration temperature control
  When you have an application that uses a chiller such as a refrigeration unit or […]
Hot Water Fluid Capillary Switch
Water heaters play a vital role in various appliances, and their efficient functioning is often reliant […]
Air tunnel capillary switch
In a commercial or industrial hot air tunnel dryer used for shrink wrap or for drying, […]