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Other custom options are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

capillary thermostat switches

Our capillary style thermostat switches are high limit switches. A limiting device is installed in a piece of equipment with an adjustable or fixed temperature setting, 0-700°F, that when the temperature is met either opens or closes a circuit. These temperature switches are available as an automatic or manual reset. Capillary thermostats are typically installed as a back-up or secondary control to prevent the equipment from exceeding a specified temperature, high or low.

Other temperature options, materials and custom variables are available upon request. Please contact our direct technical support with your application details.


Thermowells are tubular fittings used to protect temperature sensors installed in industrial processes. A thermowell consists of a tube closed at one end and mounted in the process stream. We currently produce several varieties that house both RTD’s and our Temperature Sensing Capillary Probes. Custom options such as lengths and materials are available. Please contact us with your application details.

Digital SWitch 

If you do not know the system’s switching temperature, purchase a digital switch for precise measurements with tight differentials. Please contact us, or take at look at our Senasys website for more information.