STEMCO Capillary Switch

Senasys Capillary Diaphragms 100% Tested and Inspected

Our different test procedures include pressure testing the capillary, stressing the diaphragm assembly over a period of time, multiple temperature tests. These numerous procedures will tell us if a leak in the capillary / diaphragm assembly exists.

Once the testing is complete, each assembly moves to inspection. Again, Senasys inspects 100% of the assemblies before they leave our facility. Our inspections measure diameters, straightness, lengths and solder joints. Our switches and thermo-wells are done by a number of welding operations dependent on each product assembly.

368 Capillary Diaphragm Assembly



Capillary Diaphragm Assemblies

Our capillary diaphragm assemblies consist of a bulb, capillary tube and a diaphragm. The diaphragm is engineered for a specific movement at a given temperature change. The assembly is the same diaphragm assembly used in our other capillary thermostat controls. It is available separately for use in OEM equipment.

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