Designed by Senasys, the D Series digital switch allows for fast, easy set points, limits and differentials. Use it stand alone or design it into your next machine. Our 3 base models are listed, but many other options are available.

If you do not know your systems switching temperature purchase a digital switch for precise measurements with tight tolerances and differentials.

Our switch limit settings are listed. Let us know what you need to measure and switch.


Digital Temperature Switch, Digital Pressure Switch
Designed Preset (Non-Adjustable). Setpoints and differentials are burned into a chipset. No Display, Blue/Red LED Indicator.


Designed to be preset and not easily adjusted – requires the cover be opened to adjust the settings or use of access holes for adjustment. Available with Display.


External Adjustment for ease of setting. Dual Adjusting knobs allow for quick operator adjustment. System has LED Display.

All models require 5V DC to operate.


SWITCH ACTION: SPDT/SPSTDigital Switch Dimensions
SWITCH RATING: Resistive Loads 10A@120V AC, 8A@30V DC
Inductive Loads 5A@120V AC, 4A@30V DC
Differential Range 0° to 250°
PRESSURE RANGE: 0 psi to 200 psi
Differential range 0-200 PSI
SENSOR LEADS: Standard length 30 inches, No terminals

Sealed or potted sensors tolerance will vary. When functioning at the extreme ends of the range, sensor tolerance will be wider. Please contact us for more details.

Data logging feature available. Additional software and USB connection required. Contact us for more information.

Other custom options such as, amperage’s, lead lengths, case and display configurations, sensor and thermal wells are available. Contact us with your application details for more information.