STEMCO Capillary Switch

TW250CLBA Clear PVC Thermowell


  • Probe: 1/4″ (0.25″)
  • Dimensions: A: 0.257″ ; B: 0.452″
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Clear PVC

Clear PVC thermowells are available for unobtrusive sensing of fluid temperatures. These thermowells protrude out of the cavity being monitored rather than inward. Typical installation is for a temperature sensing RTD in a pool or spa where an inward protruding sensor may be damaged or broken.

Clear PVC thermowell has a unique design that allows for sensing probe to be positioned out of the fluid stream to prevent damage or breakage of the sensor and thermowell.

Material can be sensed 360 degrees around the RTD or probe either stagnantly of by circulating monitored fluid around the sensing chamber. 3 through hole sizes includes seal, PVC nut and retaining grommet.


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