High Limit Bulb and Capillary Thermostat | 351-254480


This booster heater hi-limit thermostat control is designed to measure temperatures up to 210°F. It features a 1/4″ x 4″ copper bulb, 20″ long cap, and 3/8″ stuff box. Plus, it is able to be manually reset.

  • Fixed Temp Capillary Thermostat (210°F)
  • Ambient Compensated (250°F)
  • Manual Reset
  • Made in the USA
  • Direct from Manufacturer


High Limit Bulb and Capillary Thermostat

FIXED TEMP, Ambient Compensated with Manual Reset

The 351 series of Bulb & Capillary thermostat is our most versatile. The series is available in several variations including fixed and adjustable models with auto or manual reset. Numerous mountings, bulb material, and switches available, complete its versatility.

Part number: 351-254480

Alternate P/N: 48-1088

Bulb: Material = Copper,  Length=4.25”, O.D .250”, Non-plated

Capillary: Material = Copper, Length 24” Non-plated

Hardware: 3/8” NPT Hex bulk head fitting and 5/16” Hex compression fitting

Operating Temperature: 210° F Non Adjustable, Ambient Compensated, Max. Ambient 250°F

Ambient Compensation: Ambient compensation allows for automatic switch adjustment with ambient operating temperature changes.

Electrical: 250V AC @ 20 Amp, Single Pole, Normally Closed, Manual reset

Mounting: Top, Fram

Application: Water Heater, Booster Heater or Heating Unit

Price: $69.00

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5.13 × 8.63 × 1.63 in


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