Bulb and Capillary
There are a number of elements that go into designing a bulb and capillary thermostat switch. The […]
Temperature Switch Control or Limit
  So what is the difference of a Temperature Control (Fan) vs. Limit Switch? Throughout our […]
368 Capillary Diaphragm Assembly
Not all Bulbs, Probes and Capillary Tubes use a fluid fill, some use a gas. There […]
Capillary Switches are Temperature Compensated
STEMCO Capillary Switches are a division of Senasys and stand out from other capillary switch manufacturer’s […]
368 Capillary Diaphragm Assembly
Our different test procedures include pressure and stress the capillary diaphragms over a period of time, […]
Capillary Switches are Temperature Compensated
Senasys Capillary Thermostats offer highly reliable temperature switching and are 100% tested and sold across the […]
Capillary Mounting Hardware
Mounting a Capillary Thermostat doesn’t need to be difficult. The Senasys Thermostat is available with a […]
Adjustable Temperature Switches
Senasys, a leading sensor and switch manufacture, provides a variety of adjustable temperature switches for monitoring […]
351-254288, Capillary Thermostat
As an easy guide, here’s a simple capillary cross reference guide to help find the correct […]
Capillary Style Thermostat Switch
Bulb and Capillary style thermostats use expanding liquid to open or close contacts in response to […]