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DPDT Capillary Thermostats

Double Pole, Double Throw Capillary Thermostats

Senasys offers the addition of a second switch, which opens the range of applications for a capillary thermostat, 352 series. The two switches can be any combination of a single pole, double throw (SPDT) automatic reset; or a single pole, single throw (SPST) manual reset. The 352 series differential can be factory set very close for a double pole application or widened out for multistage applications. The switch can be used for a combination of heating and cooling, or fan and limit, from one thermostat; or use it for three phase or double line breaks. The 352 series leaves applications wide open. The 352 series are rated up to 30 amps per switch.

These capillary thermostats have a temperature range between 0°-700°F, with a max ambient temperature of 250°. The temperature range determines when the capillary thermostat will close, or engage the electrical circuit, and when it will automatically reset, or open. These capillary thermostats can also be manually reset for when you need to call special attention to a temperature malfunction. The temperatures can be fixed or adjustable. Please consult factory for custom fixed temperature options.

Copper/Plated Copper or Stainless steel construction are available and all variations have multiple mounting options.

Custom options such as capillary tube lengths and custom temperature ranges are available. Please send a request for quote with your application details.

  • 0°F – 700°F Temperature Range
  • 250°F Maximum Ambient Temperature
  • 2 SPDT or DPDT
  • Fixed or Adjustable
  • 15-30 Amps per Switch
  • Automatic or Manual Reset
  • Fan / Limit Control

If you do not know the switching temperature of your system, make sure you look at our digital switch. It has precise measurements with tight tolerances and differentials!

For more information on the double switch capillary thermostat switches. 352 series, click here to view the catalog.

Our 352 Series capillary thermostats are not available for purchase online, please send a request for quote.

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