STEMCO Capillary Switch

Capillary Switches Defrost Chiller Coils

Capillary Switch Control Refrigeration Units

When you have an application that uses a chiller such as a refrigeration unit or an air conditioner you may experience frost build up if the equipment is over worked. Most units will use a capillary switch to sense the frost. The capillary switch is mounted externally and when the bulb of the capillary is cooled the contacts open shutting down the compressor. Once the frost or cooled condition has dissipated the equipment will return to normal operation.

These pieces of equipment may also use a second capillary calibrated at a temperature to prevent the chiller or compressor from coming on even when called for from a thermostat control. An example would be an air conditioner operating at an outdoor temperature below 50°F.

The better quality capillary thermostat switches, such as ours, can be ambient temperature compensated.

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