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368 Capillary Diaphragm Assembly

Hydrastat Capillary Diaphragm Assemblies

Our Hydrastat diaphragm assemblies, 368 series, consist of a bulb, capillary tube and a diaphragm. The diaphragm is engineered for a specific movement at a given temperature change. The hydrastat is the same diaphragm assembly used in our other capillary thermostat controls. It is available separately for use in OEM equipment.

The 368 Hydrastat is available for sensing temperatures from 0°-700°F. The cup size of the diaphragm will determine the maximum amount of movement over the specified temperature range.

The relationship between the required bulb dimensions and the desired temperature range must be considered in specifying the appropriate Hydrastat. Only the length or diameter of the bulb can be a fixed specification. One of these dimensions must remain open because it will vary according to the movement necessary at the operating temperature.

  • 0°F – 700°F Temperature Range
  • Copper / Plated Copper or Stainless Steel
  • 0.028″-0.045″ Max Travel

If you do not know the switching temperature of your system, make sure you look at our digital switch. It has precise measurements with tight tolerances and differentials!

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