Temperature Switch Control or Limit
  So what is the difference of a Temperature Control (Fan) vs. Limit Switch? Throughout our […]
Commercial oven capillary thermostat control
A High limit capillary temperature switches can help control the circuits in your oven, especially if […]
Capillary Switch Temperature Compensated
STEMCO Capillary Switches are a division of Senasys and stand out from other capillary switch manufacturer’s […]
Capillary Switch Temperature Compensated
Senasys Capillary Thermostats offer highly reliable temperature switching and are 100% tested and sold across the […]
Temperature Switches for HVAC Systems
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351-254288, Capillary Thermostat
As an easy guide, here’s a simple capillary cross reference guide to help find the correct […]
Capillary Style Thermostat Switch
A Liquid expansion capillary thermostat uses expanding liquid to open or close contacts in response to […]
Capillary Switch Temperature Compensated
Whether using temperature, pressure, or current, the designation of ON RISE or ON FALL is very important. This […]
Deep fryer capillary thermostat
In a deep fryer, a gas thermostat may be used. The bulb portion of the capillary […]
Refrigeration temperature control
  When you have an application that uses a chiller such as a refrigeration unit or […]